Will the IFSCC 2021 Cancun Conference be virtual only?

The IFSCC 2021 Cancun Conference will be a virtual only event because of restrictions due to COVID-19.

What equipment do I need to attend the Conference virtually?

You’ll need to have Zoom software and have a good internet connection. If possible, use a laptop or desktop computer. You might have problems accessing the Conference videos on your cell phone.

What time will the Conference be broadcast?

We have 3 schedules posted: Mexican time (Central time), Central European Summer time, and Japan Standard time. The Welcome Reception & Opening Ceremony, including the two Magistral Conference Speakers, will be broadcast live, then re-broadcast. All keynote and podium presentations will be prerecorded and made available for the first time as shown in the schedules. Once they are made available you can access them 24/7.

If the Conference is virtual, why is “Cancun” included in the logo?

The Mexican Society is hosting the IFSCC 2021 Conference, so we’re keeping the original venue of the Conference in the logo and all materials.

Can I share my log-in information with colleagues in my company?

Each registration is for one person only, so please do not share your log-in details.

Will I be able to watch the conference after it ends?

Yes. The recorded presentations, Workshops, and poster PDFs will be available for 30 days after the Conference ends 28 October.

To attend a Workshop do I need to register?

No registration needed and all Workshops are included in your registration fee. All Attendees can watch the recorded Workshops, then join in the corresponding Live Q&A session. The Workshops will be recorded and available on-demand during the Conference and for 30 days after.

Will I be able to download the content from the conference?

You can download full podium papers and posters from the Proceedings Book during the Conference, and for 30 days afterwards.

Is there a printed Proceedings book available?

No. We suggest you download the Cancun Conference Proceedings either during the Conference or in the 30 days afterwards. You will be able to click on 1 link to download the entire Proceedings.

I can’t access the Conference video on my cell phone. What do I do?

Unfortunately some people might have problems accessing the Conference on their cell phone. Please try to access the Conference on a laptop or desktop computer.

I am having problems with my log-in.

There is a Help button in case you can’t log-in the virtual platform or in case you didn’t receive your user and password.

I cannot access the live broadcasts / recorded portions of the Conference.

There is a Help button in case you cannot log-in the virtual platform or in case you didn’t receive your user and password.

I am a press member. Do I get free access to the event?

Members of the Press should go to https://ifscc2021.org/registry.php for information on accessing the Conference.